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Villa Design

It doesn’t matter if your taste is modern or traditional or classic. If a house has a good feeling it will always be home. DAT helping you build your home. We provide classic and modern Villa Design in Dubai and other services to build your dream home.

Modern Villa Design in Dubai

Villa Design

Of all the places on earth, Homes are probably the only places we feel safest. They are also the only places we are at liberty to do whatever we want without fearing repercussions. Our homes are our sanctuaries. DAT has spent countless hours designing new homes, Villas, townhouses, granny flats, duplex’s, dual occupancy homes and unit developments. Reach us and we help you design your dream home.

Modern House Design in Dubai

Sometimes beautiful Villa becomes something more than just a luxurious living space. Villa Design in Dubai by DAT has become the epitome of the modern image of the palace with the enchanting mood of beauty and elegance. We create beautiful Villa Design in Dubai with the spirit of the new fashion trends. The perfect organization of space, unique design solutions, the introduction of new technologies. That is what lies at the heart of the unique beauty of each project at DAT.

We are a multi-disciplinary Engineering Consultants in Dubai providing a wide range of engineering services. Our team consists of experienced designers and strategic thinkers from around the world. Since our team is a curated mix group that comes from different backgrounds, we provide Villa Design that is unique and sometimes beyond scope of other engineering firms.

DAT provides quality, dynamic and innovative designs with an excellent understanding of the family needs. Also, we provide fast and reliable design services at unbeatable prices. Besides this, we take clients as decision-makers and base their trust in “our strategic and holistic way of approaching design” due to which most of them find us by “word of mouth” as a result of a recommendation from peers or clients who had worked with us previously.

Modern Villa Design in Dubai

Ravishing Aesthetic!

Understanding the family needs DAT provides your dream home design along with all the drawings that are necessary for the Villa / Building Construction. Major Drawings include Structural Design, Architectural Design, and MEP Design. With your request, we can also provide astounding interior design for your living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchen.

Why Choose DAT for Villa Design in Dubai

DAT focus on the client’s requirements and his desire of having a beautiful villa at affordable cost, DAT can provide you a variety of designs that looks astounding. We provide both 2D Drawings as well as 3D images to let you know how your home looks like after development. Despite this, our professional designers will also advise you about the features that make your house look amazing. With phenomenal designs, we assure you the best in class aesthetics that can fascinate anyone who spares a look at it. We are familiar with the current and future trends of the villa design, thus we can advise you on the best house designs that you may choose to look at your villa look elegant in the future as well.


Our Future Plans for Villa Design Services.

Imagine if you can see your home just like the physical structure where you can enter inside the building and look at all its design before it is developed. How easy it would be to change things or design before it is developed? Imagine how much cost will be saved? With the new technology “Augmented Reality”, DAT will be providing you the live view of your dream home soon.

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