Villa Design Ideas from Engineering Consultants in Abu Dhabi

A perfect villa design can be a representation of serenity and comfort as long as it can effectively provide the necessities of its occupants according to its purpose. Engineering consultants in Abu Dhabi are very ambitious and determined to create designs that feature the requirements of their clients and cautiously blend the design together with the environment and culture while taking into consideration the building standards from the government.

Villa Design | Engineering Consultants in Abu Dhabi

Many concepts of villa design in Abu Dhabi can already be seen around the city and its islands, yet more are still under planning and construction. The excitement of witnessing the innovation and development of the country’s capital, not only with villas but with the entire engineering industry will surely satisfy our expectations in the future with the innovative endeavor of the country.

Modern Villa Design Features

A typical modern villa design in Abu Dhabi uses concrete, steel, and glass as prime construction materials that set the signature of modern architecture. This G+2 villa is an example of modern villa design that focuses on simplicity, however, doesn’t short on features that provide functionality and versatility. Here are some of the significant features, from one of our villa designs, that you may ponder on for your future villas.

The indoor areas are connected with the outdoor creating an extension of useful unified spaces with accessible sliding glass doors. 

The large glass windows provide a full view of the villa design outdoor features allowing natural lighting into the indoors and make the design emphasize biophilic elements with these simple yet functional design components. 

To give contrast with the massiveness of modern villa structures, designers from Engineering consultants in Abu Dhabi suggest using a neutral color scheme for the exterior, specifically whites to beachy beige neutral hues. 

Surrounded by beautiful landscapes that feature a swimming pool and lounging areas perfect for outdoor occasions and simple family weekend staycations. 

The landscape is designed to be very candid and harmonizes well with nature that makes anyone feel relaxed in an instant. 

Villa Design Process

Designers and architects from Engineering consultants in Abu Dhabi impressively create modern villa designs with utmost functionality and versatility, yet embracing simplicity. Though it takes a lot of feasible studies and hard works to create a villa design, everything will be worth it in the end, knowing that you have created a functional design that suits well with the owners. But how does this process starts and ends? Here is a short run-through of the long design process.

Planning & Design

The planning and design phase includes the study and integration of the owner’s lifestyle, requirements, and budget. It is important to develop a preliminary design according to these three key points to establish the kind of design concept suits the clients. This phase also includes site analysis to determine the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that may affect the future structure in the specific location. Simple design concepts can be hatched up with the data gathered in this phase.

Design Concept Development

Design concepts can be developed to feasibly create a layout that includes initial room arrangements, window opening, sizes, and orientation, position of indoor-outdoor flow, furniture layouts, and initial construction systems. Solutions can be introduced to fix expected threats from previous concepts and include effective into the developing layout of the design. The visualization of this design concept development phase integrates furniture and landscape layout, and decision making on the material selections for exterior and interior finishes.

Final Design

The final villa design in Abu Dhabi is subjected to approvals that is why Engineering consultants in Abu Dhabi works double-time to assure the completion of needed design features and meet the schedule. After the design development, comes the layout of the final design that must contain every little detail of the exterior and interior plans that include but not limited to MEP, Structural, Architectural, and Interior design. Designers also provide a full 3D Walk-through Animation that will take you into your imaginations with the most modern techniques, and will show and explain how your villa concept appears from an interior view.

Remember that this process can be more extensive depending on the kind and size of the project. There are a lot of expert Engineering consultants in Abu Dhabi who can provide high-quality services for any kind of engineering project including villa design in Abu Dhabi. One of these experts is DAT Engineering Consultancy, providing engineering services around UAE specifically in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, & Sharjah. Feel free to contact us for your villa design consultation at any time.

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