Tips on Designing and Decorating your own Home

Interior design is an artistic process of designing indoor spaces to be functional, safe, and aesthetically refined. It determines the space requirements and setting essential and decors utilizing the elements of design in accordance with the lawful standards, rules, and regulations of the place. Thus, interior design is not an easy piece that anyone can simply execute. It takes a definite observation and execution to create an interior design with precise aesthetics and functionality. But of course, anyone who dreams to have their own home needs to have specific requirements in designing and decorating their future or even pre-existing haven. 

Tips on Designing and Decorating your own Home

Here are the important ideas about decors for your home's interior design.


Know the basics

Gear up with the basic knowledge of interior design and decoration. Great interior design is defined and founded by the seven (7) elements of design which are the space, line, forms, light, color, texture, and pattern. By these elements, a positive creation of an organized and balanced design is on track.


Get Inspired and Determine your Style

A lot of people are good with design visualization and in expressing ideas, at the same time, there are also some that aren’t that imaginative. Getting ideas and design inspiration from magazines and design webpages on the internet is a trick to help you determine the style that you prefer and reinforce your ideas.

Another way to help you determine your style is to browse design photos and come up with a portfolio of the photos that captivated your sight. Take into consideration the components that you think are essential to your own space and mindfully integrate it into your design ideas. Copying the whole design from your references is unethical and certainly won’t reflect your own touch to the design. You should always remember that you are designing your own haven and not an imitation of someone’s home.


Figure Out What You Don’t Like and Need

Establishing what you prefer is as important as determining you detest. Considering your dislikes, you can reduce the cons and can help you deliberate a balanced design. It also refines the whole design and easily come up with a desirable design concept.


Meticulous Space Plan

Understand your space requirements by assessing its advantages and boundaries. Systematic space planning is significant to implement scale and proportion for all elements of the design. Build around your space using furniture and decors that aren’t too large or too small for your space. Setting the focal point of your interior design is significant to easily create the flow and movement around the space. Remember that the focal point fulfills the visual flow of the design and all of the decorating elements draw movement into it.


Color Schemes

After the conceptualization of your design idea, rigorously pick the color scheme. Get through the color wheel and visualize your space with a color scheme that reflects the mood that you want to highlight. Choosing the appropriate colors to layout your ideas is a bit tricky, but you can always browse back your reference portfolio, or search for the trendy color schemes that might captivate your senses. A perfect color scheme is a combination of a neutral and a maximum of three (3) colors or shades. Color magically creates moods that inspire people, so pick your color scheme carefully to get inspired all the time.

Furthermore, keep in mind that color is influenced by the lighting system of your interior space. If space reflects more natural light, bold to darker colors are added. But if it has lesser natural light resources, vibrant to lighter colors are integrated into the color scheme. You can always break the strong visual effects of vibrant colors by using neutrals.


Add Texture using Variety of Textiles

Texture adds depth and alleviates the excitement to the interior design just like colors. There are several decors and accessories that provide texture such as fabrics or textiles, couches and chairs, tables, vases, potteries, baskets, and other decorative items. All of these design items add texture which eases the eye, creating warmth and abundant feeling on the space. The main concept of the design defines the character of the owner and by adding extra texture together with the right color scheme and patterns.


Use statement or bold furniture

Furnishings are a large portion of the interior design that needs diligent evaluation. This is a parallel task with space planning, which should always synchronize. Scale and proportion are the keys to furnish a balanced design and to effectively unify all the elements.


Functional Decorative pieces

For other decorations and accessories, don’t go with the tiny pieces instead, supply your interior design with medium to large sizes of items to avoid overruns. Choose functional decorative pieces like trays and baskets, artistic vases, and unique potteries. The perfect blending of functional and aesthetic pieces produce a versatile interior design.


Choose the right materials

A competent interior design speaks the capacity of the materials used to form its finale. The selection of materials such as woods, tiles, metals, aluminum, textiles, etc., may take a lot of evaluation before the integration of the design. Effectiveness, durability, comfort, safety, flexibility, and budget are considered as priorities when designating the appropriate materials for the design.



From a broad perspective, balance plays a major part in dispersing confusion on the design. It is responsible for stabilizing the integration of the color scheme, space planning, and selection of materials that positively affect the conceptualization and planning of the whole interior design. It also works on the composure of the mood that influences the space and the people in it.



These tips might need patience and adversity in the execution of the ideas to achieve the main goal of having a great interior design in Dubai. Though these guidelines provide a structure of design planning, consulting with a professional would also be a great recommendation to check and resolve any flaws in the design. They can provide useful advice or endorsement of products or material that might be more appropriate for the design. Sometimes altering a feature or an element can bring a huge change to your interiors. So don’t worry, go ahead, explore and redesign your interior space.

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