Sustainable MEP Solutions by Engineering Companies in UAE

With the emerging perception about environmental issues such as climate change, the construction and engineering industry to cohere to eco-friendly policy and solutions carry out into materials and processes by the engineering companies in UAE. The sustainability solutions integrated into the building design are one of the most essential and coveted features of the construction and engineering industry these days. MEP consultants in Dubai are keeping up with the innovative and sustainable pace by installing eco-friendly solutions that improve the quality of systems and promote lesser energy consumption.

Sustainable MEP Solutions | Engineering Companies in UAE

The UAE, especially Dubai, has been very vocal and expressive with its visions and implementations of innovation and sustainable projects all over the city. It is an all-out development that refreshed the industry to be more cautious about the environment. The idea and the process may have been a challenge to the construction and engineering professionals but the vision itself surely inspired each one of us to appreciate the latter benefits. The idea of sustainability in MEP and BIM services of engineering companies in UAE is on track promoting building designs in accordance with sustainability standards and regulations. This will help to enhance building performance providing more comfortable and environmental-friendly facilities and communities for the future.

Sustainability as part of MEP Design Solutions

Every phase of building design and construction has crucial parts, MEP consultants in Dubai create solutions on material and system installations with the use of Building Information Modeling or BIM. It is one of the innovative software that engineering companies in UAE practice for accurate, well-coordinated, and timely execution of the design and construction process. Each of the requirements brought by the clients will undergo feasibility studies by the designers and engineers for possible integration into the design that focuses on creating sustainable building facilities. Engineering consultants have set their main pivot on using sustainable concepts and methods for any construction and engineering projects in the country. They have been working on methods on how to properly utilize resources, control energy consumptions and reduce wastes in commercial and public establishment projects that improve the sustainability features of the building designs. 

Here are some of the sustainable solutions often used by MEP consultants in Dubai.

AI on Air Conditioners

Artificial Intelligence or AI technology application can modify features and regulate energy usage. BIM allows the inclusion of AI features in HVAC systems with technologies that recognize human usage for an automated control on the systems.

Heat Recovery Ventilation

Proper installation of ventilation systems improves the airflow within the facilities and upgrades the sustainability quality of the building. Reducing the heat loss through investing in installing ventilation systems such as mechanically ventilated facilities that use fans to control desired air exchange rate and adequate airflow. 

Smart Control Units and Sensors

Monitor energy usage through electronic devices that features sensors and smart control system. This one of the cutting-edge technology that includes voice recognition to control HVAC systems, electronics, and other appliances within a facility.

Solar Panels and Collectors

Solar panels are already known to be used as an alternative electricity provider and solar collectors that convert solar energy into a more suitable form of energy for users. In the UAE, solar energy has been utilized for more energy supply especially for industries that need more consumption. There is a high possibility that the solar-thermal system can be soon integrated into MEP design software such as Revit.

Quality Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are hardware types that are often used in the construction industry. However, the usage of highly efficient and quality heat pumps should be considered for practicality rather than using other kinds such as gas pumps. Heat pumps are known to be more affordable and versatile.

Engineering companies in UAE offering sustainable MEP services like MEP consultants in Dubai emphasize the advantages of reducing energy consumption that will provide a long-run positive impact on the environment. Engineering consultants know the importance of sustainable building design and the MEP system. Proper MEP design and installation can contribute to prolonging the lifespan of a building and upgrades living and workspaces.

DAT Engineering Consultancy uses sustainable material choices and processes that increase the sustainability features of a building project. We work with construction companies in Dubai and MEP consultants in Dubai who look forward to integrating renewable resources, efficient green building codes and standards, and controlled energy consumption into the building design and construction phase. Contact us for your sustainable projects and we will help you build them into reality.

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