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MEP Companies in UAE 2021 Roles of MEP in Construction

The advent of modern construction is marked by the introduction of innovation to homes, businesses, and other industries, all of which were made possible by expert engineers that include MEP engineers. These innovators transform Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing ideas and concepts into practical devices and systems that led the way to innovative construction.

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Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing or MEP engineering layouts design and build functional mechanical systems of a structure. In the construction world, an MEP engineer is referred to as the builders and maintainers of a structure’s central nervous system. These experts, from the top MEP companies in UAE, perform every single mechanical function that occurs in a building that may involve ensuring airflow, quality planning of electronic and communications systems to effectively layout complex piping routes.

What is Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing Engineering?

MEP engineering is the science and art of planning, designing, and managing the Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing systems of any structure. Experts from MEP companies in UAE specialize in those specific skills, which are all important across all phases of the construction process. They contribute ideas and solutions for decision making, cost estimation, construction administration, documentation, building management, and building maintenance.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering experts are responsible for mechanical design solutions that will upgrade the living experience inside the structure, particularly on the heating and cooling systems. The mechanical systems allow occupants to live in buildings during hot or cold temperatures, under any weather conditions.

Electrical Engineering

The harmonious and effective integration of lighting systems into the architectural design of a building is a crucial responsibility under the electrical engineering process. The electrical system in any kind of structure keeps the lights on, keeps our devices powered, and keeps the other significant systems running. 

Plumbing Engineering

An excellent water supply system is an important detail in MEP under plumbing engineering or design. What would happen to a building without any water supply? The plumbing system allows fresh and clean water for drinking and more. Plumbing must also be designed to safely drain sanitary wastewater.

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What are the Roles of MEP Engineers in Construction?

An MEP engineer is a part of a building team who is capable of creating comfortable, safe, functional, and innovative structures. Builders, skilled workers, architects, and engineers with fields of expertise from Engineering consultants in UAE coordinate and work together on construction projects. They are responsible for building a livable and pleasant structure of any size and kind. The mechanical, electrical, and plumbing system is considered as the structures’ central nervous system that acts as the provider of comfort features to occupants.

A well-designed MEP solution can transform the interiors of a building into enjoyable and cozy spaces. Usually, experts from MEP companies in UAE are hired to work on large scale projects for commercial and institutional industries that includes office buildings, stadiums, schools, hospitals, and many more. These kinds of wide-range engineering projects need extensive design, planning, and implementation. However, Engineering consultants in UAE can be very significant in any kind of engineering project, it may be for a simple villa design or the tallest skyscraper in the world.

What does an MEP engineer do?

An MEP engineering expert must understand how each of the systems cooperates with and impacts the others including excellent knowledge about mechanics, fluids, heat transfer, chemistry, and electricity. These specialists must always be knowledgeable of developing the latest smart lighting systems and capable of innovating data communication lines and other relevant functions.

What do mechanical engineers do?

The job of mechanical engineers is to balance the consumption of electricity and water against the equipment costing and simplify the installation process. They are also responsible for the connection of electrical and plumbing works that involve heating, ventilation, and air conditioning or known as the HVAC systems of the building. Mechanical engineers may deal with systems such as: 

HVAC systems
Exhaust systems
Direct digital control or DDC systems
Chilled water systems
Heating water systems
Infection control HVAC
Cooling systems

What do electrical engineers do?

Electrical engineers layout designs for the electrical systems of buildings to effectively and safely provide and maintain power supply for lights and appliances. These experts find the best solutions for safe and uncomplicated wiring systems. Electrical engineers develop innovative and smart lighting systems that are efficient, sustainable, and eco-friendly. Their responsibilities include:

Evaluation of onsite power distribution and generation requirements
Integration of Audio Visual and Information Technology into a building design
Designing of lighting systems
Designing of fire protection system
Designing of standby power systems

What do plumbing designers or engineers do?

Plumbing engineers or designers are experts in designing complex piping and sewage layouts for buildings and work on the collection and storage of heated water and rainwater supply. They also innovate efficient system solutions such as low-flow fixture plans for the bathrooms, insulated piping, and alternative water sources to help reduce the building’s water consumption. Innovative plumbing works and design may include hydroponics, irrigation, fuels, natural gas, and more. The construction industry might require plumbing works that involves:

Natural gas piping
Domestic warm and cold water supply
Acid waste piping
Storm drainage systems
Vacuum or compressed air

Most often, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing system design and services from MEP companies in UAE are delivered in a package, though different engineering experts execute the work. Once the MEP design and planning for the construction project starts, an MEP specialist from the team manages the project from the initial until the completion stage to make sure all the elements are working according to the design solution.