Inspiring Patio Ideas for Villa Designs in Dubai

There is a multitude of outdoor mavens savoring their precious memories of bondings over their fave drinks and good food in appealing outdoor settings, whether it was at home or at a cafe. Do you also enjoy outdoor gatherings with family and friends? Or perhaps in simple activities such as reading books, taking care of your floras and vegetation, or simply resting after a long day while enjoying the fresh air? Then an alfresco patio should be integrated into your villa design for a perfect outdoor setting, creating memories even on the premises of your very own property.

Inspiring Patio Ideas for Villa Designs in Dubai by DAT Engineering Consultancy

Improving your outdoor space is one of the important factors in functionally using the excess space of your property. While you can maximize the usage of your property premises, it will probably contribute to the natural aesthetics of the whole villa design. Patios, as a good example, provide additional recreational and extended service spaces that can be accessed at any time. Villa designs in Dubai that includes patios and other outdoor features offer a higher market value that owners can take advantage of in the future. Here are some ideas that might help you plan the perfect patio for your backyard.  

Upgrade Patios For Villas With These Ideas

Zen Mode On

For Modern Villas in Dubai, simplicity is the main factor to consider when creating the concept of the entire design including the outdoor spaces. The patios and the garden itself can convey aesthetics even with simple elements using a minimalist approach highlighting the Zen philosophy of a peaceful and calm environment.

Apt on Summer Evenings

When the temperature starts rising in the region, better be ready for the sultry season because it can really be sweltering, no hoax at all. Summer in Dubai can be better spent outdoors at night after staying indoors the whole day trying to avoid the scorching daylight sun. Having a patio set up that is apt for the summer nights is indeed necessary to still enjoy the outdoors whenever possible, even in the comfort of our homes.

Grow Appropriate Tree and Plant Varieties

There are varieties of plants that can take the heat during summer and the chills during the winter season, or can endure both. These types of plants are must-haves in a Dubai backyard. They are perfect for absorbing the scorching heat and filling your place with both the aroma and beauty of nature.

Enjoy a Lush Vibe

Take into consideration the types of greenery you want to plant around the patio and garden area. Giving significance and time to researching the perfect plants for the location and the season can effectively achieve the goal of having a lush vibe all throughout the year and more. Also, integrating biophilic design can increase connectivity to the natural environment.

Efficient in any Season

Patio season is accessible all year round in Dubai, so why not turn your backyard into a well-designed outdoor space to be proud of and take advantage of the hot and chilly weather? One of the most sought-after types of patio and deck coverings is a pergola since it provides partial shade protection during daylight. In winter months the region can be more comfortable at any time of the day so there will be less worry about getting exposed to the sun. Though a fire pit would be a good idea for the winter night gatherings.

Add Outdoor Kitchens and Dining Areas

Outdoor cooking and dining are always exciting experiences regardless of the season, weather, and occasion. The enjoyment and bond of family and friends make every gathering memorable. Moreover, the quality outdoor kitchen and dining furnishings used are becoming more advanced to level up the cooking and banquet experience.

Select Comfortable Lounges and Chairs

Extend your villa’s welcoming interior to the outdoors by setting up comfortable patio furniture and features. There are various all-weather lounges and chairs which can enhance your simple patio into a class recreational area. Even the smallest backyard can be turned into an elegant alfresco with the right furniture with it.

Furnish with a Shade

With the humid weather during summer here in Dubai, it might not be a good idea to be exposed to the sun’s rays. Therefore, when planning to establish a nice backyard setup, it will be a great idea to at least include a source of shade in your villa designs preferably in areas of activity where you can make the most of the fresh air without being in direct sunlight.

Dip and Freshen up with Customized Pools

If you have a larger backyard area, a customized pool will be an additional asset perfect for refreshing dips and dives during summer. Pools never go out of trend as they can upgrade the natural aesthetic of a landscape and can revamp a simple garden into a professionally designed recreational space. Swimming pools and greenery are backyards' perfect combination, magnifying the beauty of the landscape yet balancing other features.

Install a Hip Water Feature

Adding hip water features such as ponds, waterfalls, and/or fountains not only can improve the looks of the outdoor space but can also provide comfort during humid days. These features can effectively absorb heat which proves to provide a soothing and relaxing feeling with suitable seating spaces near or around it. So don't forget to incorporate a touch of water element in your backyard design, because for sure it will keep your landscape a step ahead of the regular garden.

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