Industrial Interior Design Concept and Decor Tips

The Architectural and Interior Design in Dubai for residential and commercial purposes plays around with versatile styles and concepts focusing on sustainable and innovative approaches. We have seen combinations of modern and contemporary, minimalist, luxurious classics, traditional Arabian, and many more. But there is this specific style that has been on the current list for quite some time now, the Industrial design and decor trends. Let us know more about Industrial design concept and how to incorporate rustic style into interior designs from expert Engineering consultants in Dubai. 

Industrial Interior Design Concept and Decor Tips | Office Interior Design by DAT

Various engineering and architectural experts from all over the world consider the industrial design concept as a sustainable approach wherein the recycling of formidable materials is being prioritized. Engineering consultants in Dubai are also aiming to utilize sustainability in their projects in line with the vision of the UAE government to integrate innovation and sustainability in every developmental project across the city. Hence, the commercial and residential structures in the city have been very flexible with the possible integration of innovation and sustainability into its designs. There are many engineering consultants who are very transparent and positive about integrating industrial style on the exteriors and interiors of commercial establishments like office designs, and residential structures such as villa design in Dubai.

What is Industrial Design Concept?

Industrial design concept refers to an aesthetic interior design trend that takes inspiration from old factories and other industrial structures. Possible design elements from industrial establishments include shriveled wood, building systems, exposed brick, lighting fixtures, and concrete. In recent years, many industrial structures were transformed into cooler and modern lofts and other livable spaces. This design style blends new and repurposed pieces creating a unique combination of modern and vintage elements.

Industrial Decor Elements into Interior Design

Industrial decor and interior design style have become the choice for many urban spaces, nowadays, and are usually linked with lofts, apartments, city residences, villa design, and commercial establishments such as retail and office design. Many interior designers and expert decorators incorporate industrial design elements in any type of home. It is always possible to mix industrial style with many different decorative preferences creating unique and rustic aesthetics. The industrial design style is characterized by clean open spaces with loft-like ceilings and color palettes that are often kept cool and subdued. Metal is the most commonly used material in this design offering rugged aesthetics. Hence, the options of going full industrial interior design or just blend industrial elements into your design are always viable.

Industrial Interior Design Concept and Decor Tips | Office Interior Design

Industrial Decor Elements and Tips

Exposed brick walls give a rustic and factory vibe that comes in style in many homes beyond industrial ones.

Rustic metal and wood are key combinations of industrial furniture design with pieces mixed together to create an appealing industrial design.

Leaving the raw elements of an industrial space exposed like metal beams, pipes, and ducts creating an unfinished look which is exactly what the industrial vibe is.

Industrial Furniture and decors often take inspiration from vintage and antique pieces.

Infuse silver and gold metallic color palette with some browns, gray, and dark navy blues.

Furniture with distressed leather adds some warmth and character to industrial living rooms.

Bare Edison bulbs, as industrial lighting, create beautiful lighting fixtures in industrial designs.

Cage lighting another industrial lighting trend that uses metal bars to wrap around the lightbulb forming a cage-like design around it.

Large metal dome lamps and pendant lights effectively illuminate industrial spaces.

Open layout plan allows free movement inspired by large warehouses and factories with large spaces and expansive floors.

Copper cookware and kitchenware will help you create that warm industrial nature and charming vintage vibe in your kitchen design.

Concrete countertops, concrete floors, and other design elements that create dark gray hues work nicely with different metals and woods.

Black grid frame windows reminiscence the factory spaces and warehouse windows and can be a source of natural lighting.

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Industrial Interior Design Concept and Decor Tips

Industrial Interior Design Concept and Decor Tips

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