Importance of Vastu for Villa Design in Dubai

In this day and age, Vastu consultants and engineering experts across the world are knowledgeable and capable of creating and building living and workspaces that are strongly manifest these fundamentals. The belief in bringing along the aptitude of good health, wealth, and happiness in life through peace and harmony is the very reason behind the utilization of the said principles in design and construction.

Importance of Vastu for Villa Design in Dubai by DAT

There’s no denying that home trends and the demands of real estate keep changing with time. Yet if there is one trend in the market that has been constant on the improvement, it is the integration of  Vastu principles to villa design in Dubai. A vast majority of villa owners actually consider Vastu-compliant homes because of their beneficial principles. Some simply want to integrate the direction basis of the main door and some may look into the deeper details about the room locations. Vastu consultants in Dubai follow the concept of this a large system that abides by every principle regardless of the type of residential structure that needs the integration. There are some main points in this principle that are taken into consideration by most of the experts.

Importance of Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is the ancient science of architecture and construction with principles covering design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, spatial hierarchy, and geometry. As a discipline, it has a compilation of building concepts that are executed in the construction of structures. The Vastu principles in ancient buildings and monuments give an idea of how the discipline was seriously believed and practiced.

The fundamentals of Vastu revolve around the idealogy of positive and negative energy that surrounds humans and may affect daily lives. Through infusing the principles into the living spaces may help in uplifting positive energy and eliminating negative ones. It is a credence that Vastu-compliant villa design builds up a positive outlook resulting in a more prosperous and progressive lifestyle. Such enriched spaces are professed to be in accordance with the concept of nature living in balanced and contented lives. It is also acclaimed that living or workspaces that are uncompliant with the principles will escalate more negative energy that may affect a deficit of progress, harmony, and health resulting in illness or death.

Vastu Tips For Villa Design

Vastu concept was originally utilized for temples, then was integrated into the design and construction of structures such as residential, commercial, hospitality, industries, and institutions up-to-date. The distinctive yet simple principles are also being used for designing landscapes, vehicles, more importantly, villas in Dubai. The usage of the Vastu principles in villa design is beneficial in terms of establishing an interconnection with the natural environment and quality of life. Modern-day architects, engineers, developers, and Vastu consultants in Dubai are adopting the practice in their villa design and other projects. Planning to build a villa in Dubai or a villa renovation utilizing Vastu principles must ensure that you follow the points for positivity and good energy. Check out the few simple Vastu tips for villa design listed below:

  1. Hang a well-designed nameplate outside the main door.
  2. Avoid dark colors like red and black for the living room walls.
  3. Do not place a mirror in front of beds.
  4. Ensure that the bathroom does not have a common wall with the bedroom, pooja room, or kitchen.
  5. Avoid keeping medicines in the kitchen.
  6. Use soothing, pastel colors like white and pale yellow paints for the pooja room to promote tranquillity.
  7. Avoid using black color furniture and finishes in the kitchen
  8. Ensure that the reading/studying direction be east-facing.
  9. Sleep in any direction except north.
  10. Avoid dim lights anywhere in the villa or house, proper and natural lighting is a must
  11. The northeast corner must be kept clean and tidy.
  12. Avoid facing a mirror during sleeping or sitting.
  13. The kitchen and pantry should have uniform lighting and minimum shadows.
  14. The north or east walls should have the maximum number of light fixtures as it brings good omen.
  15. Placing spotlights in the south zone will boost career prospects.
  16. Illuminate the villa or home in style by adding candles in the south or southwest zone to give positive energy.
  17. Place a spotlight over a family picture located on the southwest wall to bring good luck and health.
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