Haidilao Hot Pot Dubai Mall Branch

Chinese cuisine is one of the oldest and indeed patronized food all over the world up to the present. One of the best and famous Chinese food here in Dubai is the Hot Pot, which everyone loves to eat during special days, night get-togethers, weekend food trips, or even during regular days. Once you have tried this wonderful and flavorful dish, you can’t get enough of it. There are a bunch of restaurants around Dubai that serves Chinese dishes, and soon, one of the biggest and renowned international Chinese restaurant chains originated from Sichuan, China will open its first branch in the UAE to serve their acclaimed signature dishes.

Hai Di Lao Branch Dubai

Haidilao International Holding Ltd. is a distinguished and award-winning Restaurant Chain Company founded in China, generally operates under the name Haidilao Hot Pot. At present, it has established almost 500 direct-operated stores all around mainland China. The company has also expanded its Hot Pot Restaurant wave in four continents all over the world, countries such as Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Canada, United States, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, and soon, UAE. Haidilao Hot Pot will open its very first branch in the UAE at The Dubai Mall with the architectural and engineering assistance from one of the best Engineering Consultants in Dubai. 

DAT Engineering Consultancy provides quality and accurate one-stop engineering solutions in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Our team is currently working on such great projects that enable each of our teams’ abilities and skills to flourish and continuously contribute to the progress of Dubai. One of these significant projects is the Haidilao Hot Pot Dubai branch, which entitles us to vastly devise ideas that surely complement the concept of the company. Our broad visualization for this immense project highlights the versatility of our services. Here are some of the services that we provided for the Haidilao Hot Pot Dubai Mall Branch project.



Architectural and Interior Design

The architectural and interior design team of DAT effectively collaborated design ideas and requirements to layout the perfect modern-oriental design concept for the restaurant. The interior design of the restaurant is supported by its original and signature look, enhanced by our creative design team. DAT integrated innovation into the design by using the latest, safe, functional, and sustainable materials available.


MEP Design

To achieve the fast and accurate completion of the project, we use the advanced and more integrated MEP design process as an improvement of the usual method. DAT MEP design team rationally follows the structural design construction order by the other engineering teams. A consolidated procedure during the design and construction phases of the project will enable the contractor to meet the schedule on time. This will also reduce the amount of re-work required, helping to save project costs.


Project Management

Our supervision leads the team to successfully meet the requirements of the project. We constructively implement and optimize the project’s scope, time, quality, and budget to meet our targets and schedule. DAT project management’s objective is also to improve the client's purpose. The established clients’ and project’s goals should influence all decisions made by other people and teams involved in the project.



At DAT Engineering Consultancy, we believe that every day is an opportunity for an endless learning process that would benefit us more to be ready for the future. The chance of learning and having expertise in new things makes it worth the hard work. Skills and experience are earned in time and effort, and without the perseverance, nothing will work out well. Our great projects like the Haidilao Hot Pot Dubai Mall Branch project gives us challenges which we take as an advantage and inspiration to be the best. Through our expertise and services, we aim for more projects and continue to contribute an exceptional impact on the architectural and engineering industry of the UAE.

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