Dubai Shopping Festival

Cartier Takes a Trip Down Memory Lane at the Dubai Shopping Festival

Cartier never disappoints with their luxurious jewelry designs and grand events. The Santos de Cartier experience created in collaboration with DAT Engineering Consultancy at the recent Dubai Shopping Festival was no exception. Not only was DAT Engineering Consultancy responsible for the marvelous project arranged on behalf of Cartier but they also facilitated Dubai Mall approval and EMAAR approval for this exciting event. Coordinated by Dubai Mall management, it was a prestigious project that receive much praise from the public and Cartier as well. Held from 20-26 January at the famous Dubai Mall Fountain, the launch of the latest model of the iconic Santos de Cartier watch was an immense success.

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Unigraf was the contractor for this project which consisted of building a large boat with enough space for five hundred people. This was an enormous challenge for DAT Engineering Consultancy and Unigraf. Together, they cooperated to minimize risks and highlight the shining aspects of this unique design. The Dubai Mall Fountain is not a lake but for the purpose of this project, it had to support a boat filled to full capacity with no less than five hundred people. Not only did the engineers have the tough task of creating a fully functional boat but they also had to consider aesthetic appeal. Thanks to the expertise of DAT Engineering Consultancy, it was a safe and secure execution. While it was not a simple thing to plan and launch this project in such a short amount of time, these capable professionals handled it efficiently and responsibly.


As if the buzz surrounding this highly anticipated launch was not enough, Cartier decided to make it even more special with an amazing project: a pop-up model of the Santos-Dumont Demoiselle airplane. It was a truly a treat for all those attending to gaze upon the intricate details of this historic aircraft series. Alberto Santos-Dumont originally invented it to compete in the Grand Prix d’Aviation in France. It was a magnificent sight for the five hundred people gathered to witness a fragment of history come to life before their very eyes. Like other aircrafts of that time, the model of Santos-Dumont Demoiselle was supposed to take off from water. The experts at DAT Engineering Consultancy did excellent job of designing the complex structure to float effortlessly on water. Besides the breath-taking visuals, the attendees were thrilled to hear the sounds of the first flights of the Santos-Dumont Demoiselle recorded in 1907 along with the sound of the original engine built by Alberto Santos-Dumont.

During this event, the first ever pilot wristwatch was unveiled to the public as well. The connection between the Cartier’s watches and the Santos-Dumont Demoiselle aircraft might come as a surprise to you. The history of this incredible aircraft series is closely tied to that of Louis Cartier himself. In 1904, Louis Cartier pioneered the first wristwatch for pilots exclusively for his friend Alberto Santos-Dumont. In 1907, the inventor took the Santos-Dumont Demoiselle for its first flight with Cartier’s watch on his wrist. The innovative spirit of Cartier was evident in their latest release from Santos de Cartier. Boasting both aesthetic appeal and top notch functionality, the new model was well received by the public.

Such an educational and fascinating event is not likely to be forgotten any time soon. DAT Engineering Consultancy is eager to serve clients with event approval, project management and design services in Dubai. Visit our website to learn more about the services we offer. If you wish to hold a successful event like Cartier’s, don’t hesitate to discuss your requirements with us.

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