Dubai Expo 2020 Latest Updates and What to Expect Soon

The United Arab Emirates is all prepared to host the Dubai Expo 2020 in October with the expected participation of 190 countries. The expo is set to run from the 1st of October 2021 to the 31st of March 2022 as its new seasonal schedule after its original opening in 2020 was canceled because of the recent pandemic. Since the world’s businesses and events are continuously advancing to digital technology whilst of the current global situation, Expo 2020 will be offering both virtual and personal experiences to anticipating visitors. 

Dubai Expo 2020 Latest Updates and What to Expect Soon by DAT

The architectural engineering, construction, technology, culture and lifestyle, innovation and sustainability, world expo enthusiasts, and other spectators are all looking forward to this exceptional venture of the country, particularly, the Emirates of Dubai. Subsequent to its inception, Dubai Expo 2020 has been dedicated to utilizing innovative technology to provide an overall Avant-grade experience to visitors. Even at its early stage of inception and construction progress, the expo’s cutting-edge capabilities have led it to become one of the most sustainable World Expos under CEEQUAL, the internationally acknowledged sustainability assessment for civil engineering. Architectural & engineering consultants from every corner of the world were caught up with its reputed recognition from international organizations stressing more interest in the upcoming commencement. The Expo 2020 expanded its proficiency to accommodate both digital and physical visitors and keeping it ready to welcome more visitors from around the world and audiences of the Virtual Expo in the future.

Metro Link to Dubai Expo 2020 Opens in June

Another update has been announced that the Metro links to the Dubai Expo 2020 are settled and soon to open on the 1st of June this year. The Dubai Metro will be operating two more new stations which are the Dubai Investment Park Station and Expo 2020 Station, six months after the inauguration of Route 2020 with four stations, the Jebel Ali Station a transfer station on Red Line, The Gardens Station, The Discovery Gardens Station, and Al Furjan Station. The Expo 2020 Station will be accessible only to those authorized to enter the Expo’s site until its official public opening on the 1st of October. The opening of the two new stations marks the successful completion of every trial involving the performance efficiency and safety of the metro rail systems, and the trial runs by the network operator to substantiate its preparations prior to the initiation of the public service.

What to Expect from the Dubai Expo 2020?

The Expo 2020 was publicized in November 2013 that provided a huge impact on the country, especially Dubai. Though the schedule of the opening in 2020 was canceled, the enthusiasm of the government to launch the opening of the expo to the public this year in spite of the circumstances such as the pandemic creates inspiration and motivation. The innovative rendezvous of Dubai Expo 2020 is going to create staggering new jobs and the economy will probably progress more. A huge urban area, the District 2020, will have an established provision captivating the interest of local and international individuals to invest in its properties.

Featured pavilions will be dedicated to countries worldwide, an estimated 75 entertainment and events will be hosted every day such as live performances from world-famous stars and comedians, cultural experiences, fashion shows, fireworks displays, and many more. Academic sessions, extreme sports, innovation workshops, and 3D printing technology exhibitions will also be highlighted. The innovative architectural and engineering features of each Pavilion will manifest the rich culture of every country that it represents and will be the face of the global event that the expo aims for. Architectural and engineering consultants who participated in this amazing project have been more proud to showcase their expertise and talents with the integration of cutting-edge technology into a culture-rich and world-class expo. The six-month exhibition is set to be the largest business event to be held since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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