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DAT extends a branch in Abu Dhabi

DAT has been providing a wide range of services across Dubai for the last 5 years. Our diverse portfolio consists of Architecture, Civil and Structural Engineering, MEP, Interior Design, and also Project Management departments. Holding an unlimited license approved and accepted by all authorities, DAT is involved with projects in all range and sizes, some of which include mega size projects. 

Engineering Consultants in Abu Dhabi | DAT

We are committed to the vision and core values that create a better world for all people. With the success in Dubai we have extend new branch in Abu Dhabi with the promise of providing the best engineering services to the clients in Abu Dhabi. Apart from engineering services we also provide the authority Approvals like Abu Dhabi Civil Defence Approval, Abu Dhabi Municipality Approval etc. On addition to the engineering services our new branch in Abu Dhabi will also give the services of Villa Design and Villa construction to the residence in Abu Dhabi. Similarly, we are also focused on providing high quality, high value and strong modern villa design and modern house designs. 
Considering the growth of local economies and improving quality of life, we have shown a history of professional effort by maintaining right ethics and integrity. It is amongst the very few consultancy companies that have a proven track record of performance coupled with consistent quality work, delivered within time and budget. DAT has a reputation for getting things right and delivering beyond expectation – a result of its collective experience, expertise and a dedicated, tightly knit multi-disciplinary team. We are responsible to fulfil our commitments to clients with a clear understanding of the urgency and accountability inherent to those commitments. We get the job done on time and within budgets! We understand what our customers need and what it takes to satisfy those needs – adding real value by saving time and costs without compromising on quality. 

We are excited to see ourselves serving in Abu Dhabi and very pleased to announce our opening of New Branch on Al Mamoura Al Nahyan Building 3, Al Khazzaf Street, Abu Dhabi from January 2nd 2019.