Stages of Project Management by Engineering Consultants in UAE

Are you thinking about putting up a project but you can’t figure out where to start? Do you have all the project ideas but they keep on popping up like bubbles in your mind? Are you having a hard time sorting out the schedule of your projects and even the handling or managing of your manpower? One thing is for sure, you do need some expert help. There are a lot of Engineering consultants in UAE that offer project management services to effectively and professionally cater to the essentials of the projects, specifically engineering-related projects. 

Project Management in Dubai

Engineering consultants in Dubai are known to provide the best modern architectural and engineering solutions concluded by the line of skyscrapers and modern villa designs in Dubai. Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE, is recognized to be one of the fast-rising contemporary cities in the Middle East, where Engineering consultants in Abu Dhabi are huge participants in the rise of these contemporary buildings including villa designs. The Emirates of Sharjah, which is known as the cultural center of the country is also keeping up with the engineering enhancement of the country. Engineering consultants in Sharjah are experts in innovative building designs yet preserving the cultural heritage of the country. Engineering consultants in UAE, indeed provide world-class engineering solutions that include Project Management services to effectively help the country’s engineering advancement.

What is Project Management

Project management is a system or method of guiding a team to perform, achieve goals, and meet the schedule and requirements of a certain project. It is very important to effectuate all the requirements of the client and the project in spite of the limitations and unexpected delays.  Scope, time, quality, and budget are the four possible limitations that need to be considered and evaluated to lessen, or better, avoid constraints. Procedure optimization is another key to effectively pull off a successful project. Wherein, the project management process is divided into five stages, which is a step by step process, improving its efficiency and cautious evaluation.

Stages of Project Management in Dubai

Project Inception

Deep research, analysis, and practicality are needed in this stage to establish the main goal and designate the objectives of the project. This stage initiates the project’s concept to balance the four objectives of the Inception stage that clarifies the scope, project objectives, and feasibility.

Project Planning

In the project planning stage, the scope of the project is determined and essential procedures for the completion of the project are expounded. Wherein, the concept proposal inputs are all furnished and approved, providing an output equipped for the project requirements, the project schedule, and the project management plan. This stage also involves discerning the cost, quality, availability of the resources, and a realistic time schedule. A balanced process cycle with the objectives of the project is attained through project schedule optimization, also to attain the baseline schedule. The baseline schedule is a time frame that is set for the estimated schedule of the project’s completion. Project planning is a significant stage of the project management process since it formalizes the project goals, objectives, scope, time, quality, and budget.  

Project Implementation

Project implementation is the stage where visions and plans become reality. The output of the first two stages reflects on this stage, implementing all the set and approved project requirements, the project schedule, and the project management plan. The teams involved in the project will be brief with their duties and responsibilities and marks the start of the project. Each team must be informed about what particular task, schedule, and requirements they must accomplish. The project manager must effectively communicate with each of the teams involved to avoid any misapprehension that may cause project delay. This stage is a complex point, wherein a small error might lead to a project set back, or even worse, project cancellation. Hence, continuous updates and coordination is a regular obligation.

Project Performance or Monitoring

There are a lot of potential risks and constraints that might be left unpredicted even with the extensive research and feasibility did from the first stage. Project monitoring can help project managers and their teams anticipate these uncertainties to avoid a derail of the project. This stage defines the objectives of the project, relates the objectives to the application, sets the target schedule, reports the progress or delays, and awareness of the problems which may occur during the execution of the project. By these tasks under the project performance stage, the project can be completed within the budget and on time. 

Project Closure

In this last stage, the project will formally end by administering all of the final reports and project documents to the client. A Post Implementation Review is also completed to define the project’s overall completion. For the whole team, a final meeting will be held by the Project Manager to evaluate the project through the process’s attainments, failures, and solutions. This aims to improve each and everyone from the project management team, architecture and engineering team, contractors and laborers team, and the clients for future projects.

Engineering Consultants Project Management in UAE

We are DAT Engineering Consultancy, a team of expert Engineering Consultants in UAE, that extends services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah to deliver effective and quality Project Management services and other engineering solutions. No matter how small or huge the project and the responsibilities, professionalism will always be intact and we take it as motivation for our betterment. Our Engineering consultants team extends incredible teamwork to apprehend each project that is handed to us. And we believe that hard work comes with pressure but rewards with success, which is why we are known as one of the leading engineering companies in UAE.

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